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Britton strives to have great learning led by some of the best teachers around.  Here are the courses and the teachers behind them.


How choosing classes works :)Edit

Students will choose to take Advanced English and History, but it must be both Basic or both Advanced. (*)Britton has changed to Common Core Math, so students have lost the ability to "accelarate" in Middle School. Students must take PE, and must take the general Science Course.    When it comes to Electives, all students must take one. They have freedom of choice, and there are full year and half-year electives.  The only two-year course is Spanish; however, students will have one year less of their mandatory foreign language in high school by taking Spanish.

Full StaffEdit

7th Grade:Edit

  • Ms. Romero (Integrated Math 7)
  • Ms. Diokno (Integrated Math 7)
  • Ms. Anderson (English)
  • Mr. Gutierrez (English)
  • Ms. Rush (History)
  • Mrs. Winchell (History/Drama)
  • Mr. Sjostedt (Intro Life Science)
  • Mr. Nathanson (Intro Life Science)
  • Mr. Lara (Spanish 1A/ Computer Tech)
  • Ms. Giesey (Art)
  • Mr. Locsin (Band)
  • Mr Bremis (Band)
  • Ms. Layman (PE)
  • Mr. DeBenedetti (PE)
  • Ms. Peterson (PE)

8th Grade:Edit

  • Ms. Finck (Inegrated Math 8)*
  • Mr. Punches (Integrated Math 8)*
  • Ms. Kearns (7th/8th English)
  • Ms. Williams (English 8)
  • Mr. Flores (Intro Phys. Science)
  • Mr. Levis (Intro Phys. Science)
  • Mr. Goldman (History 8)
  • Ms. Stansbury (History 8)
  • Mr. Lara (Spanish 1B/ Computer Tech)
  • Mr. Locsin (Band)
  • Ms. Layman (PE)
  • Mr. DeBenedetti (PE)
  • Mrs. Winchell (Drama)